Rate Sheet

Common Services.
Our basic hourly rate is $30 per hour, one hour minimum, timed from when we leave our home.
This hourly rate can apply to many services, some of which can be seen on our websites. Some common services, we do for a flat fee such as:
• Picking up and delivering parcels. $30 per pick up or delivery.
• Trash runs, minimum charge $30 plus dump fee. If trash needs to be marshaled up or
collected together, we charge $30 an hour plus the dump run fee, plus weight.
We offer ad hoc property visits at $69 per visit.
This includes:
• Arriving at your home timely manner as our schedule allows.
• A perimeter walk and interior walk-through.
• Notations of anything unusual or worth mentioning.
• Damage reports with photos emailed directly to you
• Phone calls/texts as deemed necessary while on-site
• Other specific requests you may have for a particular visit.
These specific requests may include more time than a standard visit. We can discuss the costs for this as needed.
After each visit we will email a report to you. If there is a maintenance issue or damage we can take action right away:
• Contacting the right person
• Arranging contractors
• Providing you with specific recommendations for your own follow-up.
Contractor Facilitation.
Contractors are vetted by us. Rates vary from $30 an hour up, depending on the type of work. We charge a service fee of $30 when we facilitate contractors in addition to the contractor’s charge. We can also stand-by while a contractor is working, for $30 an hour. We can gather multiple bids when requested. We charge $30 an hour for the time it takes to gather and deliver these bids.
As full-time Orcas Island residents and home-owners, we share the values of second home owners for well-maintained and secure property. We believe in a stable society and good environment. Our goal is for you, family and friends, to enjoy your property on Orcas Island for many years. We hope this rate sheet gives you an affordable and flexible way of using our services for your property here.

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